ordering procedure:

step 1 - collection of ideas
Send us photos, sketches, ideas or wishes via email. We will let you know what we think about it in return.

step 2 - design
in this phase, we together will figure out how your armour will be like

step 3 - calculation of prices
based on your whishes, we calculate the prices of your project an make you an offer for it.

step 4 - deposit invoice
After you payed the prepayment of 30%  of the netto final price (plus 19% VAT),
the order is officially placed and the delivery date is appointed accordingly.

step 5 - take measurements
we will send you our dimension sheet and you will sent it back to us, filled in with your measurements

step 6 – forging the armour
we work on your project intensively and minor changes can be applied during this phase

step 7 – final bill
once your armour is finished, (except the adjustment to your body), we will send you the final invoice.
After recieving the payment, your armour ist ready to be picked up or to be shipped.

step 8 – pick up/ delivery
generally, you should come to fetch the armour and to implement last changes to maximize the wearing comfort.
That´s not necessary if it is a small project, but recommended for a complete armour.