My advantages

If you decide to let us take care of the design, you can be assured of experiences in designing and forging armours of multiple years. We only come up with designs that can actually be implemented, paying attention to proportions, mobility and the technical range of our tools and forge in the first place. This procedure is especially advisable if you do not yet have a certain concept and if you want to benefit from our creative experience

You can compare the simple sketch to the more sophisticated drawing below.

 Beispiel einfache Skizze  Beispiel Konzeptzeichnung


If you decide to let us do the design for your armour we will need:

 -         a photo of you, taken from the front and the costume your charakter will wear

-         pictures of armours, you like. This can be from motion pictures, video games  or other sources.
The best is, you mark the parts you like most in the pictures.

-         last but not least, a small description of your character and the direction of the design you imagine.

Helpful central questions for the design could be:

-          which style should my armor have? for example: soldier, priest, knight, ork etc.

-          which attributes should my armor have? for example: simple, ornamental, pompous, rolling, angled/angular, practical etc.

-          which colouring? gray, silver, gold, red, black etc. The material selection and the finishing of the armour depends on the coloring.

-          ornaments – if you want some, which style should the ornaments have? For example: elvish, rolling, nordic, celtic, oriental, symbols, emblem etc.

-          what purpose should my armour have primarily? flexibility, mobility, protection, ornament, etc.