What does an armour cost?

The cost of individual armors can vary significantly since we create something unique for you. This is why it is rather difficult to determine a general price.
To calculate the costs of your armour-project we definitely need to know the design first.

Nevertheless, we do have some benchmarks. The following example is a very simple designed, bright steel armour:

helmet: 400,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

chestplate: 400,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

backplate: 350,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

short tassets: 200,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

shoulderplates (pair): 400,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

bracers (pair): 75,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

greaves (pair): 75,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

joint (pair): 300,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

gauntlet, without fingers (pair): 150,- EUR ad. 19% VAT.

These prices are open ended and depends on the material, the finishing and the ornaments you would like to have.
Inspiration and examples you find in the armour gallery.

You can choose from the following materials:

- steel: without additional charge
- brass: ca. 15% surcharge
- stainless steel 0,7mm: ca. 30% surcharge
- copper: ca. 20% surcharge
- nickel silver: ca. 25% surcharge

You can also choose from these techniques of refinement/finishing:

- black browning: ca. 10% surcharge
- browning/whetting: ca. 15% surcharge
- further techniques are possible if requested

We offer different ornaments that can be combined or applied separately:

- cut out and rivet
- drawing lines with the beading machine
- engraving
- hammered finish

The prices with ornaments can only be individually determined.